Don’t Stumble When Choosing The Right Trekking Pole

If you’re a hiker or even a casual walker in nature, then one of the best accessories that you can have is a hiking pole. On the uneven ground or when fording a stream these pieces of equipment can mean the difference between a great day out enjoying nature’s beauty or a trip to the nearest emergency room – or in the worst scenario evacuation by helicopter.

However, the popularity of trekking poles and more trekking poles reviews are becoming important, has led to a profusion of cheap and frankly shabby imports. Buying one of these and placing your faith in a piece of equipment that could fail at any time is just about as dangerous, if not more dangerous than just trusting in your balance and luck when faced with challenging terrain.

You should be looking for sturdy construction, easy portability and great design and materials.

So what are some of the best choices that are available when looking for this great hiking and trekking accessory?

#1 Black Diamond Alpine Carbon Cork.

This is a choice that has all the reviewers raving. The addition of the cork handle is great. Cork is a natural product that still has no equal when it comes to comfort and the ability to cope with even the hardest use. And with use it molds itself to your hand.

This telescoping pole is as tough as nails, and the carbon fiber offers a bit of damping and shock absorption. A great choice when you’re looking for a lightweight pole – but it may be a little pricey for those who are just beginning to evaluate trekking poles.

#2 Leki Micro Vario Carbon.

The foam grip is great, and this folding trekking stick tucks up nice and small for those who want to save on space.

Both ergonomic and light it’s a model that makes sense for those on extended hikes. The foam grip wicks away moisture nicely, so it’s even more attractive for those hikers who are going to be spending extended time in the outback.

Leki Carbon Ti.

Great looking, ergonomic design, and lightweight construction – but still as tough as anything else on the market. These are only some of the attributes that make this stick an absolute favorite for those who take their hiking seriously. The interchangeable basket makes it ideal for hikes in snow, as well as dryer environments. The only downside is that it doesn’t fold up as small as some of the other models – but a couple of inches don’t make that much difference.

#4 Leki Corklite.

This is a bruiser. It’s as tough as tough can be and is suitable for the heavier hikers out there. This model will outlast and outperform many other more expensive sticks in the market – and the handle is just superb. If you want a trekking pole that will serve you gracefully for years and years, this is the one you should be purchasing. Great value – just a little more bulky than some of the more svelte choices.

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